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How Your Guardian Angel Portrait and Psychic Reading are Created

Your name begins the process. I send a personal Prayer to the "Mother, Father, Creator of All That Is" and call for the wisdom that will help us to see the beauty and essence of your soul. I become open to Your light, Your spirit, Your soul in order to receive The Message that will be healing and that is in the best interest of the one who is searching.

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Guardian Angel Portraits in Oils

guardian angel portrait in oils A Guardian Angel Portrait in oil will be an enduring reminder to you, or a loved one, of one's purpose and place in this world - a moving visual representation of your spirit guide and life force. Resilient and durable, your custom, hand-crafted psychic portrait in oil will be an heirloom-quality painting that will last for generations.

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Guardian Angel Portrait in Pastels

Your Guardian Angel Portraits in PastelsA Guardian Angel Portrait in Pastels is a vibrant and brilliant treasure that is appropriate for any occasion. Pastels are a traditional technique that results in lovely, ethereal portraits so it is perfect for Guardian Angels! The result is a moving visual representation of your spirit guide.

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Angel Portraits and Psychic Readings as the Perfect Gift

A Guardian Angel Portrait is a gift that is personal, transformative and heartfelt. With openness and confidence, Shannon will transform your friend or loved one's personal spiritual energy into a moving visual image of their spirit guide, complemented with a personal psychic message. Or consider a gift to yourself!

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A Personal Appointment

For those in the Cincinnati, Dayton or Northern Kentucky area, a personal appointment with Shannon is possible for a Guardian Angel Portrait in pastel. Being present during the creative process is a unique opportunity that can make your Guardian Angel Portrait even more moving.

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