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shannon-0311revppIn the creation of this website I requested assistance from God, and the angels and guides that are with me at this time. The words I received reveal the great beauty that lies within every human being on this planet. My wish is to translate these words into a visual reflection of your inner radiance and purpose. Bringing you into the light of knowledge is the sole desire of the Angels as revealed in the following message to you... Read the Message

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Spiritual Wisdom from the Angels- Find your true purpose and bring enlightenment to your life!

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As an Angel Intuitive, Psychic Artist and Spiritual Nature Photographer, Shannon Guest sees beyond the surface of our physical world creating images that reflect the beauty and enlightenment so often hidden from our view. With true psychic artistry and reflection, Shannon shares her wondrous and beautiful artistic translation of the Messages from the Angels surrounding us all.

Creating custom oil or pastel Guardian Angel portraits, Shannon reveals the inner essence and radiance within each and every one of us - a visual image of the inner life forces. Her psychic readings share profound Messages of wisdom from our spirit guides, a moving complement to a guardian angel portrait. And with her Spiritual Nature Photography, she reveals the unseen mystical world all around us - a deeper world full of spiritual beings whispering for our attention. And, in her latest book, Messages from the Lorax, Shannon shares a beautiful collection of some of her most intriguing photographs.

Through fine artistry and psychic insight, Shannon's purpose is to guide you into the light of knowledge. It is Shannon's belief that her gifts were granted to assist you in realizing the wonder and power of your true essence and that this is the sole desire of the angels.

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